R. N. Larose

Author and Freelance Writer


Livin’ the dream on the New England seacoast, R. N. Larose is a freelance writer and the author of Siji Tzu (Amazon | Barnes & Noble). Having been featured in national and international publications, he is currently a technical writing consultant for international photography companies.



Siji Tzu: Chronicles, Volume I


Siji Tzu by R. N. Larose is a 136 page book of zen philosophy told in the tradition of Lao Tzu's Dao De Jing and Chuang Tzu's Zhuangzi. Chronicled through the eyes of a timeless sage, the stories tell paradoxical anecdotes designed to challenge and advance the reader's mind on the path towards enlightenment. The wisdom touches on the values and ethics in living a happy and balanced life. His story culminates with a poetic interpretation of the Dao De Jing


What fans are saying:


Whether or not you are a Buddhist or even spiritual for that matter Siji Tzu is a must read! It is a matter of how to live and the oddest thing I got from the book was realizing that there is nothing to get!!!“ - Review on Amazon

What can be said... Ray's writing style is direct, easy to grasp and the storyline takes you on an adventure that is not soon forgotten. A must have addition to your library.“ - Review on Barnes & Nobel

Stunning rendition of the Tao Te Ching...the only worthy accessory to the Stephen Mitchell translation“ - Review on Amazon




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